The Only 25 Tips You Need for Traveling as a Couple

Everybody talks about the romance of traveling as a couple. The reality is, sometimes you’re lucky to escape with your life and/or relationship intact! We fell in love… deeply in love… We both knew we had found our person on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon between Jenn’s total knee replacement surgeries.

We figure, if we made it through that and not only got married but started a travel blog together, we might know a thing or two about traveling as a couple. When we wrote out our best tricks and tips for couples’ travel, it was quite a list! Stay tuned to learn easy things you can do to make the most of your adventures together.

Plan Your Budget Ahead of Time

Couple planning budget
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Money is a major source of stress for most couples, so discussing your budget and financial expectations before embarking on your trip is essential. Agree on how much you’re willing to spend and allocate funds for different aspects of your journey, such as accommodations, food, and activities. When your budget is decided beforehand, all you need to do on vacation is enjoy yourselves.

Set Expectations Early

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Discuss your travel expectations openly and honestly. Determine the type of trip you both desire, whether it’s relaxation, adventure, or a mix of both. Decide your level of luxury and what you are willing to splurge on and what you are not. Aligning your expectations from the start will prevent stress and disappointment later on.

Always Bring Your Sense of Humor

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Traveling can sometimes be unpredictable, and things may not always go as planned. Embrace the unexpected with a sense of humor, and be ready to laugh off any mishaps or misadventures that come your way. Sometimes the biggest mistakes or craziest mishaps make the best stories!

Create a Ritual or Routine Together

Couple creating a ritual in bed with breakfast
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Establishing a travel routine or ritual can provide a sense of stability amidst the excitement and unfamiliarity. It could be something as simple as having breakfast together each morning or setting aside time daily to reflect on the day’s experiences. Your routine also serves as a framework for your memories, so a particular cup of coffee and croissant might bring the magic of Paris back to an otherwise ordinary morning back home.

Remember to Eat -Everything is Worse When You’re Hangry

Fancy Couple Eating Burritos
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Hungry travelers are grumpy travelers. Don’t let hunger spoil your mood. Make sure to prioritize regular meals and carry snacks to keep your energy levels up while exploring new destinations. When we are traveling as a couple, this is super important for breakfast. Ed likes to eat first thing, and I like to sleep in. At home, Ed is up making us breakfast and coffee, but if he feels trapped in the hotel room, I wake up to a hangry man

Be Sure to Listen

Happy couple interacting with each other in cafeteria
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Communication is key in any relationship, and this holds true while traveling too. Actively listen to your partner’s thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. Respect each other’s opinions and make decisions together. Remember to speak in “I” statements, too, because it’s easier to be heard when you don’t immediately put your partner on the defensive with those dreaded “you” statements.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Love

Affectionate Couple holding hands while hiking
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Traveling can be a romantic experience. Be generous with your affection. Surprise your partner with small gestures, whether it’s a heartfelt note, a special souvenir, or a spontaneous kiss under a breathtaking sunset. Also, remember your partner’s language of love. For example, if it’s buying gifts, look for something on your travels, and if it’s acts of service, consider rubbing their feet after a long day of walking.

Delegate Tasks

Senior couple traveling in their motor home. The husband is giving directions to the wife.
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Divide responsibilities during your trip to avoid one person feeling overwhelmed. Assign tasks such as booking accommodations, researching attractions, or navigating public transportation. Sharing the workload will make the journey feel more balanced. For us, Ed does all the driving, but I’m the social outreach for the couple because travel is socially overwhelming for Ed’s engineering brain.

Compromise is Key

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It’s natural to have different preferences and interests. Find a middle ground and compromise on activities and destinations that cater to both of your desires.

Another tactic we like to use is taking turns choosing (as long as your choice is not a “hard no” for your partner, that way, you both get what you want). Remember, it’s about creating shared experiences and enjoying each other’s company. A great thing about taking turns is that it reduces the decision-making load on travel, which can sometimes get overwhelming.

Be Tolerant – Practice Patience

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Spending an extended period in close proximity can test your patience. Be understanding of each other’s quirks and embrace the differences that make your partner unique. Patience is a virtue that will go a long way in creating a harmonious trip.

Everything is Medicine; Everything is Poison

2 sides of the same coin
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The qualities you love in your partner are the same qualities that can drive you crazy. Recognize that your partner’s strengths may have downsides, just like their weaknesses may have surprising benefits. Embrace the whole package, even if you are not vibing with the side you are seeing. It is two sides of the same coin.

Be Respectful of Your Partner’s Weaknesses

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Nobody is perfect, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Be patient and understanding when your partner faces challenges. Offer support and encouragement rather than criticism or judgment. In many ways, this trick is a continuation of the one before because weaknesses are often strengths in disguise, or at least the other half of the coin. For example, Ed says I have very demanding tastes, but I do find extraordinary experiences.

Avoid Blame

Couple having an argument
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If something goes wrong during your journey, resist the temptation to blame each other. Instead, focus on finding solutions together and learn from the experience. Remember, you’re a team, and teamwork makes the dream work. If that doesn’t work, imagine one thing you could have done to have made the situation better and realize it’s partially your fault too.

Forgive Generously and Move Forward Quickly

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Mistakes and disagreements are bound to happen. Learn to forgive and let go of any resentments. Holding onto grudges will only dampen the joy of your travel experiences. Embrace forgiveness and keep your focus on the present. Sometimes we take a stack of “get out of jail free” cards on difficult journeys so we know we have a couple of mulligans to give.

Above All, Be Kind

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Kindness should be at the core of your interactions throughout your travels. Small acts of kindness, such as showing appreciation, offering help, or surprising your partner with thoughtful gestures, can make a world of difference in your journey together. It’s easier to be kind than win a fight.

Keep an Open Mind

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Traveling exposes you to different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. Approach each new experience with an open mind and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow together. Allow yourselves to be positively influenced by the world around you.

Also, remember that the uncomfortable feeling you sometimes feel is a good thing. You’re exercising new neural pathways, so you should feel it a little if you’re doing it right.

Spend Time Both On-Itinerary and Off-Itinerary

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Strike a balance between planned activities and spontaneous exploration. While having an itinerary is great, leave room for unplanned adventures and serendipitous discoveries. Some of the best memories are made when you deviate from the plan. Also, don’t be so in love with your “plan” that you don’t let the unexpected magic moments happen.

Have Date Nights

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Amidst the excitement of travel, it’s important to carve out special moments for just the two of you. Plan romantic date nights, whether it’s a candlelit dinner, a moonlit stroll, or watching a sunset hand-in-hand. These on-location date nights are the perfect way to remember that you actually love each other.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Out of your comfort zone -Rainforest-Zipline-Park-Fajardo-Puerto-Rico
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Traveling offers a chance to push your boundaries and try new things. Encourage each other to step out of your comfort zone, whether trying exotic foods, engaging in thrilling activities, or engaging with locals.

The growth zone is just beyond your comfort zone, and growing together could be the most important thing for long-term happiness in your relationship.

Be In The Moment

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It’s easy to get caught up in capturing the perfect photo or updating social media, but remember to immerse yourselves in the present moment. Put down your phones, embrace the beauty around you, and savor the experience together. One of the tricks we use when traveling as a couple is to tell each other when there’s some particular moment we want to savor.

Practice Gratitude For Your Partner

A couple gently embrace as the sun sets
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Take a moment each day to express gratitude for something your partner did to make your day great (or at least better). Appreciate the shared experiences and the opportunity to explore the world together.

Gratitude fosters a deeper connection and enhances the joy of traveling as a couple. We like to take a moment of gratitude at our evening meal and sometimes before bed, also when we feel like we’re losing our ever-loving minds, lol!

Take Some Time For Yourself

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While traveling as a couple, it’s crucial to spend some time apart. Allocate some alone time to recharge and reflect. Going for a solo walk, reading a book, or participating in separate activities will help maintain a healthy balance.

Make Friends

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Traveling offers countless opportunities to meet new people. Engage with fellow travelers, locals, and fellow adventurers along the way. The friendships you forge during your travels can enrich your experiences and create lasting memories.

Enjoy The Journey

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Remember that the purpose of your travels is not solely to reach a destination but to enjoy the journey itself. Embrace the ups and downs, the unexpected detours, and the unforgettable moments that make traveling as a couple truly extraordinary.

Couples That Travel Together Stay Together

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Finally, cherish the fact that you have a partner who shares your love for exploration and adventure. The bond you strengthen through your travels will undoubtedly carry over into other aspects of your relationship, ensuring that your connection remains strong and vibrant.

Wrapping Up 25 Top Tips For Traveling as a Couple

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We hope you learned a little about us on this 25-tip journey and a little more about yourself. Did any of these ideas resonate with you? Which ones do you already do, and what will you try on your next adventure?

Are you ready to bags, arm yourselves with these 25 tips, and embark on an incredible journey traveling as a couple? With love, laughter, and a sense of adventure, the world is yours to explore together!


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