Lufthansa New Cabin Likely in 2024

Previously scheduled to launch in late 2023, Allegris, Lufthansa new cabin, will now likely debut in early 2024. The reason behind this is the delivery delay of the airline’s first new Boeing 787-9 aircraft. This setback has also affected the introduction of their new first class suites as the brand new Boeing will not arrive as scheduled.

In the vibrant city of Berlin, Lufthansa introduced its new Allegris cabin with much fanfare back in February, putting a spotlight on the new first class suites. However, the initial aircraft showcasing the new cabin will exclude the premium first-class suite. Instead, the focus will be on unveiling the economy, premium economy, and business class cabins initially. 

The delay in the new cabin launch is partly due to the delayed delivery of Lufthansa’s first brand-new Boeing 787. The airline had been eagerly waiting for this aircraft, despite already operating Boeing’s youngest clean sheet design. These aircraft were initially intended for other airlines but were never delivered, resulting in a cabin configuration that differs from Lufthansa’s new business class.


Boeing’s latest order book reveals an impressive order of 63 new aircraft from the American planemaker for Lufthansa. Among them, 34 are Boeing 787s, while the remainder are designated as Boeing 777X. Remarkably, 27 of the Boeing 787s will be equipped with Rolls-Royce engines. The specifications for the other seven engines are yet to be determined.

The first half of 2023 witnessed Boeing delivering 31 Boeing 787 aircraft. This number is less than half of the deliveries made during the same period in 2019. Boeing attributes these delays to ongoing certification issues with other aircraft programs, such as the Boeing 737 MAX and 777X. This may also likely lead to significant delays across their fleet.

Lufthansa new cabin, Allegris, has faced delays due to delivery issues, resulting in the postponement of its launch to early 2024. Despite this setback, Lufthansa’s new premium economy remains optimistic about the future. They eagerly look forward to introducing passengers to their world-class cabins. Explore Lufthansa Airlines’ top-notch offerings, from their new business class to premium economy, by booking international flights, particularly from the USA to India, with exciting Indian Eagle deals from Indian Eagle. Get ready to experience the best of Lufthansa’s services firsthand! 

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