Is Lisbon Safe for Tourists? Female travellers ,Water & More

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital as well as the biggest city. It is a well-known city for many things. Some of these things are architecture, the colonial past, and the Fado music heritage. Visitors come here for their vacations and holidays to see the city’s iconic locations as well as due to safe experiences. For a relaxing vacation, sometimes, new tourists wish to comprehend how much is Lisbon safe to visit. 

Various areas of this city may provide varying security levels. The secure areas on the list are Alfama, Anjos, Baixa, and Chiado. These places may probably have low crime rates. Lisbon seems to be comfortable even to live in, particularly due to other features, including water safety. Some elements can make it safe for women as well. For American tourists, this city appears to be equally secure. 

Is Lisbon Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Lisbon Safe for Solo Female Travellers

The capital city of Portugal is secure for female travelers. The locals have a highly intriguing and distinctive culture that respects women. Although such customs are good enough, one can learn how safe is Lisbon for females in other ways too.  

  • The city police and security personnel are careful to protect women everywhere. 
  • Female travelers can readily access transport options with different types of safety available. 
  • There may be no or low rates of violent and sexual crimes. 

Is Lisbon Safe to Travel?

Is Lisbon Safe to Travel

In Lisbon, visitors can travel at any time without having to worry much about security. This is because of its neighborhood and charm. Having said that, here, things do occasionally change. So, it is always a good idea to check for any travel restrictions before leaving for a trip. 

  • With a low crime rate, it is safe to travel to Lisbon
  • Sometimes, despite being one of the secure cities, pickpocketers and con artists may target visitors. 
  • Generally, this city is considered among the risk-free places in the world. 
  • Travelers are free to travel and visit all the wonderful locations. 

Is Lisbon Safe to Travel Alone?

A fantastic way to experience the heart of Portugal is by going on a solo trip. For this, Lisbon is a wonderful destination. It is also secure, hence, proving to be ideal for solo ventures. Different restaurants frequently observe large crowds. Locals are friendly. Even for other reasons, it is only a great idea to travel here alone.

  • There are several clubs like Bairro Alto to experience the best solo nightlife. 
  • Alfama and Baixa are two safe places where visitors can travel solo in Lisbon. 
  • Here, they can explore guarded accommodations as well.

Is Tap Water in Lisbon Safe to Drink?

Is Tap Water in Lisbon Safe to Drink

The greatest water quality is offered to visitors and locals in Lisbon. This is because it frequently releases test results for its drinking water. With these, locals and visitors can be certain that it is contaminant-free to ingest. 

Due to additional factors as well, one can determine why is it safe to drink tap water in Lisbon

  • The World Health Organization has approved the water here for ingestion. 
  • For cooking, washing, bathing, and drinking, tap water is regarded as perfect. 
  • Chemical-free water is available. 
  • The water has a translucent appearance, a smooth texture, and no overpowering smell.  
  • This tap water first undergoes rigorous quality testing to meet EU requirements. 
  • It meets global water quality requirements too. 

Are Taxis Safe in Lisbon?

Are Taxis Safe in Lisbon

Taxis in Lisbon are seen to be a rather convenient and pleasant method to go anywhere. Even at night, it is ideal to travel in a cab in Lisbon since all of the drivers are registered. The majority of cab drivers use satellite navigation to get to their location.

While there are several security benefits, some drawbacks are also associated with Lisbon taxis. 

  • Taxis are substantially more expensive here. 
  • Scam reports are undoubtedly made from time to time. 
  • Some drivers charge high prices to new visitors. 
  • With taxis, most of the time will be saved. 
  • For single women at night, it may be unsafe to travel via this mode. 
  • By law, all taxi costs are computed using a taximeter.

 Is Lisbon Safe at Night?

Is Lisbon Safe at Night

The largest city located in Portugal, at night, is quite secure. Also, it is believed that it is risk-free to wander across the city. However, it is suggested to avoid some areas at night. Monsanto Park is one of these. There are other regions too, lacking enough protective measures.

Why is it safe in Lisbon at night is further described below:

  • According to recent research, one can wander across the city at night without any hassle. 
  • It is usually advised to stay away from uninhabited regions, dimly lit, and dark places.  
  • In some areas, walking in groups instead when alone is suggested. 
  • Here, CCTV cameras are observed. 
  • To ensure the protection of people, guards are available on the streets. 
  • Transportation is easily accessible at night. 

Is Alfama Lisbon Safe?

Is Alfama Lisbon Safe?

There are many secure and convenient locations to stay in Lisbon. One of the most ancient parts of the city where one can live is Alfama. Violent crime is uncommon in this city. However, pickpocketers may frequently operate there, especially near the Martim Moniz station and Tram. 

The below-given points should be looked at to determine if is Alfama Lisbon safe:

  • Alfama is a fantastic option for couples who want to explore safely.
  • A fusion of historical, cultural, and family-friendly activities also makes this area shielded. 
  • The region perfectly reflects the spirit of Lisbon. 
  • From its winding lanes to vibrant homes, this is a perfect location for an unforgettable family vacation. 
  • Since theft is common, families and couples should remain cautious.
  • In Alfama, there are different museums, cafes, and restaurants. 
  • All these places are equipped with proper security measures. 
  • The environment is quite friendly as well as full of helpful people. 

Is Anjos Lisbon safe?

In Lisbon, Anjos is a former parish. This area is a completely secure zone for walking during the daytime. Even to stay for a while, it is considered the best. However, sometimes, at night or during late evenings, tourists should avoid it due to gentrification. 

  • At times, drugs and prostitution have been reported in Anjos. 
  • As per the Lisbon map, it has not seen much economic growth. 
  • Hence, job safety can be a concern.
  • For some visitors, Anjos may not be a highly appealing area. 
  • Budget safety may not often be expected.
  • Families may be able to find inexpensive housing in a prime location. 

Is Baixa Lisbon Safe?

Is Baixa Lisbon Safe

Baixa is located between the well-known neighborhoods of Alfama and Chiado. It is the most convenient spot for first-time visitors. Also, it provides quick access to the city’s active nightlife. Due to these, it is regarded as among the safest places in Lisbon. 

  • In rare cases, robberies, thefts, etc., can be done. 
  • These mostly occur in Baixa’s congested streets and trams. 
  • For first-time visitors, this area is protected enough. 
  • It offers excellent public transportation with metro stops for first-time and frequent visitors. 
  • Baixa in Lisbon Portugal safe because of its well-equipped streets.
  • It is a secure area although people should be on the lookout for pickpocketers. 
  • This region has a large selection of lodging options where personal security is assured.
  • Elegant hostels, guesthouses, and other places can also be preferred for lone travelers. 

Is Chiado Lisbon Safe?

Chiado is among the protected areas to explore, eat, and even reside in Lisbon, Portugal. This is because it serves as the city’s cultural center. Also, it is hilly and upscale. Thus, it proves to be a good location to stay for a while.

  • The finest range of pubs and clubs in the city can be found in Chiado.
  • They have guards and cameras for the security of visitors.
  • A favorable climate also indicates why is Chiado Lisbon safe.
  • Extreme weather conditions are typically not observed.
  • The police are always patrolling at night and during the day. 

Is Mouraria Lisbon Safe?

Mouraria is an ancient, as well as somewhat neglected part, of Lisbon. But, it is still quite beautiful. The little streets and alleyways might make people feel uneasy at night. Therefore, it is suggested to explore things in the daytime. 

  • During peak hours, different tourists can roam here.
  • Mouraria has friendly people who can help tourists.
  • Besides security, there are wonderful tiny eateries available that serve varying cuisines. 
  • Food standards are well-maintained.

Is Graca Lisbon Safe?

There are many secure and convenient locations to stay, as well as for travel, in Lisbon. Graca is counted among such locations. The region is fairly guarded both during the day and at night. 

  • It is truly the highest point in Lisbon. 
  • This is included in the hippest areas and is worth exploring. 
  • With convenient access to buses, metro, and trams, Graca is the heart of Lisbon. 
  • Typically, these modes of traveling are secure.
  • Short walking is also safe for tourists. 

Is Lisbon Safe to Live?

Is Lisbon Safe to Live

This city is a wonderful option for permanent residence due to its gorgeous geography. It offers all the advantages of living in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Moreover, it has a rich history and a leisurely pace of life. 

Further, moving to Lisbon is a good option for families, digital nomads, those seeking a new beginning, and retirees too. They can live here devoid of dangers. 

  • Choosing to live here permanently is ideal.
  • Travelers can opt for other abodes for living too.
  • The following hotels are quite guarded here: 
  • Avenida
  • Czar Lisbon Hotel
  • Avenida da Liberdade
  • In Lisbon, there is little chance of getting mugged or robbed. 
  • People may not be concerned about being assaulted or being subject to racism. 
  • Here, residents can receive tax benefits from the NHR scheme. 
  • Beautiful beaches are available for exploring. 
  • Generally, beach waters are secure here.
  • For business, locations are outstanding. 
  • Businesses can be safely conducted here.
  • The city in Portugal has a low crime rating of around 29.63. 
  • The safety index is about 70.37 out of 100.

Is it Safe to Walk Around Lisbon at Night?

Lisbon is a hilly area. It can make it difficult to go long distances on foot. Unless visitors are regular walkers, they may face difficulties while doing it. Besides, talking about its safety, walking by yourself is not advised during late hours. 

  • It is possible to witness robberies in popular visitor areas.
  • Generally, it may be secure to check out the local areas while walking. 
  • Avoiding tiny lanes and empty streets is preferable. 
  • Walking near drunkards is not advised.

Is Lisbon Metro Safe?

Is Lisbon Metro Safe

The Lisbon Metro is a wonderful choice when travel requirements arise for a large distance. Also, it is the fastest method to get to the city. It is counted in the cleanest as well best-maintained metros. With these, it is a great decision to travel for different types of people. 

But prior to choosing this mode, there are some concerns to acknowledge:

  • Metro doesn’t pass through some of the city’s most well-known tourist destinations like Belem. 
  • Switching between lines is challenging due to the lack of intersections. 
  • But this can be carefully done to get a pleasing experience while traveling via the metro.

Is Uber in Lisbon Safe?

Uber is often the safest mode of transportation in the world. Therefore, it is advised to use it in Lisbon too. This is because each driver is registered with Uber. 

The following details may assist a tourist in determining further whether or not is Uber safe in Lisbon

  • Drivers pass a series of exams before they begin working for the company. 
  • Some of the drivers have years of professional experience. 
  • Hence, even at odd hours, secure driving experiences are delivered.
  • Uber cars have GPS tracking devices installed for greater security. 

Are there Safe Areas to Stay in Lisbon?

Are there Safe Areas to Stay in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal is an astonishingly secure city with many areas to explore. From food to water quality standards, travelers can be assured of getting only the best. These areas are secure in terms of other aspects too.

  • People can feel protected in Bairro Alto. 
  • Downtown and Chiado additionally are safe places to stay in Lisbon.
  • Avenida da Liberdade is a guarded area because it is in the heart of the city. 
  • This area is particularly lined with several large hotels.
  • Travelers can easily get an abode here, amidst a protected environment.
  • Belem continues to be secure as its fortified tower, making it a wonderful family vacation spot. 

Is Lisbon Airport Safe?

Generally, Lisbon Airport is a properly guarded place. It has been awarded a three-star rating in most aspects. There are different amenities available for customers’ safety and comfort. 

  • Also, cleanliness is maintained throughout the airport. 
  • Besides, food and beverages are risk-free to consume. 
  • Furthermore, it is considered to be highly crowded during busy times. 
  • Hence, the security of solo travelers, kids, teens, and others is maintained too. 

In Summation

It is worthwhile to travel to Lisbon given all the factors relating to safety and security. Although petty crimes are common in particular places, the city is generally secure. How safe is it to travel to Lisbon Portugal, in general, is quite evident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following list includes some typical inquiries that tourists visiting Lisbon may have. These include inquiries on safety regarding crime, food, water, and other aspects.

1. How safe is Lisbon for tourists?

According to a recent survey, Lisbon is one of the most secure places for tourists.

2. Is Lisbon safe for American tourists?

Yes, the city in Portugal is secure enough for American tourists.

3. Is Santa Cruz Lisbon safe?

Santa Cruz is a protected area and is worthy of exploring.

4. Is SafeStay Hostel Lisbon secure?

SafeStay Hostel is an excellent location, making it the ideal choice when visitors look for security.

5. Is it safe to walk in Lisbon at night?

Yes, for night walking, Lisbon is safe.

6. Is tap water safe to drink in Lisbon?

This city’s tap water is typically of the best standards and is approved by WHO.

7. Is it safe to travel to Lisbon alone?

By being conscious of the surroundings, people can safely travel alone and to Lisbon.

8. Why is Lisbon Portugal safe?

It is among the safest areas because there is little chance of getting mugged.

9. Are there safe neighborhoods in Lisbon Portugal?

Yes, Lisbon’s neighborhoods are quite friendly and considered shielded.

10. Is Lisbon Portugal safe to visit for females?

For females, the city in Portugal is secure as violent crimes don’t frequently non-existent.

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