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Helping your kids study online can be challenging. And it can be especially difficult for parents with younger children, whose attention span is shorter. So, how can you assist your child in focusing? So, how do you help your kid focus? How to help your child with online learning? 

Studies suggest that kids who don’t learn to focus may achieve lesser financial success as an adult. You can help your kids focus better. Here are some virtual learning tips for parents.

Create a Study Area for your Child

Everyone requires their own workspace free of distractions. Your children are no exception. Create a study space for your child to concentrate on online lectures without interruptions. Check the Wi-Fi connectivity in this area of the house. Make sure to choose a location where less noise will distract your children while they are studying.

Install a proper desk and chair in this area and a good system that does not hang and has space to store their study materials. If your child uses a phone to attend lectures, turn off the notifications, so they are not distracted.

Keep in Contact with your Child’s Teachers

There may not be offline parent-teacher meetings when classes are moved online. You can’t help your child if you don’t know how they’re doing in class. As a result, you need to maintain contact with their teachers. Inquire about your child’s academics by calling them. Investigate if your child is attending online lectures and responding to questions.

Additionally, please notify the teachers if your child is experiencing technical difficulties. If a child requires assistance with an assignment that is due soon, and you can only work with the child on weekends, the first step is to contact the instructor.

Help your Kids Socialize

Now, schools are not designed for learning. Rather, they help children improve their social skills. Socialization is essential for the development of a child. It teaches them how to interact with others and provides them with a group of peers to whom they can relate. Social situations keep children healthy and balanced. One of the most serious issues with online learning is social isolation. Encourage your child to communicate with their friends via video calls or Zoom meetings.

Some students may be in their first year of school. Allowing children to communicate with their friends online may mitigate the effects of social isolation. There are ways for parents to help, but much depends on teachers, who must create opportunities for students to interact with one another.

Screens Breaks are Crucial

Screen time can quickly become excessive, so it’s critical to enforce breaks. Other websites can quickly divert our children’s attention. Before we know it, they are mentally and physically exhausted. Your child should take a 10-minute break from their screen every hour to do something else, preferably something active outside, to give their mind, body, and eyes a break.

Screen time has been linked to various negative health outcomes, including depression and obesity. In moderation, daily screen use is not harmful and may even have some benefits. Also, sitting idle in front of the screen for a long duration may be difficult for most children. So add screen breaks in between learning sessions.

Make Learning Fun for your Kids

Utilize the various fun-enhancing resources at your disposal to assist your children in learning. To engage your children, use Google forms with adorable and vibrant backgrounds. GIFs can be used to enliven up lecture material, improve imagination, or give tests a fresh perspective. 

Talk about these concepts with your child’s instructors as well. These GIFs can be recorded with a GIF recorder. Use vibrant PowerPoint presentations as well to capture your kids’ attention.

Come up with a Learning Plan

How to help your child with online learning? Make them a learning plan! Depending on the program at their school, a significant portion of your child’s school day may be preplanned. And it can be difficult to concentrate on assignments and study after spending the entire day learning at home.

So, making a learning plan with your child to stay informed and assist them in preparing for upcoming assignments. Maintain adaptability in this so that you can quickly change it for exams and last-minute assignments. And, no matter how hectic your day becomes, make time for mental breaks.

Let your Child Learn on their own.

One of the best virtual learning tips for parents is to let their children be independent in their learning and learn how to work around any obstacles. Online resources, such as interactive dictionaries, online encyclopedias, and study aids supports this.

Encourage your child to use the internet to solve problems on their own rather than rushing in to help them when they need it. They should learn, with your help, which sources are trustworthy and which are not, as well as how to use these sources to supplement their learning.

Internet Restrictions

Because the internet is a thriving environment with no boundaries, it is critical to take precautions and protect your children from cyberbullying. 

You can prevent your child from accessing potentially harmful content by imposing privacy restrictions on the system that he or she uses for school. To ensure safe internet use, you can customize the parental settings in Chrome or Windows.

Physical Activity is Important

Maintaining physical activity is critical for both physical and mental health improvement. Because of social distance standards, children now spend the majority of their time at home, making it even more important for them to participate in any physical activity to add enjoyment to their daily routine. 

Their mental health may suffer due to the monotony of online classes, homework, and assignment submission, which may impact their academic performance.


It can be challenging to get youngsters to pay attention in class, especially when it’s online. But with the virtual learning tips for parents that we have provided, things can get easier. So put our advice into practice, and watch your kid succeed in their online academics.

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