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Our best recipes with potatoes include everything from potato salads, potato pancakes and perfect creamy mashed potatoes to potato-filled Russian dumplings, spicy potato wedges, and crispy potato fries. We’ve got potato fried rice, breakfast tacos with crunchy potatoes, and classic Spanish potato tortilla. We’ll be adding more of our best potato dishes soon.

It’s hard to find an ingredient that’s as comforting as the potato. Some of our best potato recipes include some of the most delicious potato dishes in our recipe archives, from potato salads to potato soups, potato sides, such as crispy Hasselback potatoes and the creamiest mashed potatoes.

Some of my favourite potato recipes include my Russian salmon potato salad recipe with soft-boiled eggs, gherkins, capers and dill, a Thai Massaman curry fried rice with crunchy potatoes, crispy shallots, and pan-roasted peanuts, and Terence’s Basque-style fried eggs with chorizo and crispy potatoes.

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Best Recipes with Potatoes from Potato Salads and Creamy Mashed Potatoes to Spicy Potato Wedges

Our best recipes with potatoes include recipes for everything from the salmon and potato salad above and creamy mashed potatoes to crispy Hasselback potatoes.

Classic Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

Topping our list of best recipes with potatoes is this classic Hasselback potatoes recipe for crispy Hasselback potatoes with spiced butter and fresh herbs. Our recipes calls for baby potatoes, also known as new potatoes, which cook faster.

Brushed with the spiced butter at fifteen minute intervals, these mini Hasselback potatoes are crunchy on the outside and soft within, making a potato side dish that’s both elegant and comforting.

If you’re still deciding what potato side dish you’re going to serve with your Thanksgiving feast or are even starting to think about Christmas holiday meals, then consider these quick and easy Hasselback potatoes over boring old roast potatoes.

Of course Hasselback potatoes are still roast potatoes, they’re just finely sliced with close parallel cuts, about three-quarters through the potato so that it still holds together, and are brushed with butter (in this case a spiced butter) to add flavour and create the crispy texture and fan-like shape. They’re addictively delicious!

Classic Hasselback Potatoes Recipe with Baby Potatoes, Spiced Butter and Herbs

Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

This creamy mashed potatoes recipe makes our favourite comfort food side dish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a great steak, cote de boeuf, a classic roast chicken, some lovely sausages, a crispy skinned fish fillet, or five-spice crispy pork belly.

A simple dish, our creamy mashed potatoes rely on a very simple formula: one kilo potatoes, 250 grams butter, and 250 millilitres of full cream milk. A good few twists of a salt grinder and you have a classic creamy mash.

There are two big factors in achieving the perfect mashed potatoes. First, it’s essential to choose the right kind of potato. Secondly, achieving a creamy texture is dependent on how much moisture you can remove from the mash before adding the milk and butter.

While some chefs, particularly French-trained chefs, like to use a food mill, Terence prefers to use a potato ricer followed by a tamis, pushing the potatoes through with a bowl scraper. More tips to making perfect mashed potatoes in the post below.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe – How to Make Perfect Potato Mash Every Time

Fried Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes Recipe

This fried eggs with chorizo and potatoes recipe for Basque style ‘messy eggs’ makes the perfect weekend hangover cure that was probably invented for a late breakfast after a long night of pintxos bar-hopping in the old town of San Sebastián, one of our favourite food destinations.

It also makes a warming breakfast or brunch in winter and it’s one of our best recipes with potatoes. We use baby potatoes as they cook fast, are easy to handle, and you can leave the skins on to get a little crispy in the pan.

We shallow fry the potatoes off in the chorizo oil. Because we generally only cook for two these days, we use a little single non-stick egg frying pan. It’s not just cute as hell, it will cook an egg with crusty whites and a soft yolk in about 45 seconds on full heat. Lots more tips below.

Fried Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes Recipe for Basque Style ‘Messy Eggs’

Massaman Curry Fried Rice with Crunchy Potatoes

Savoury rice with crunchy fried potatoes, crispy fried onions, pan-roasted peanuts, the perfume of dried spices such as cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and fragrant fresh coriander, my Massaman curry fried rice recipe makes the perfect bowl of comfort food and it’s one of our best recipes with potatoes.

Full of flavour, filling, and energy-giving – with rice and potatoes, it’s loaded with carbs – it would fix a hangover or fuel you up for exercise. I created this Massaman curry fried rice to use up leftover Massaman chicken curry, but you could make the curry from scratch (make enough to have leftovers) with the aim of making this fried rice the next day.

We used chicken but you could make it this Massaman beef curry. A sprinkle of chilli flakes give a nice kick of heat. You’ll need a rice cooker and wok. If you’re a fried rice lover, also browse our best fried rice recipes.

Massaman Curry Fried Rice Recipe for Fried Rice with Crispy Onions, Crunchy Potatoes and Pan-Roasted Peanuts

Burmese Potato Salad Recipe With Tamarind, Chilli, Fried Onion and Fragrant Mint

If you’ve got a picnic planned this weekend, consider this Burmese potato salad – along with some of our other 85 picnic food ideas. This Burmese potato salad recipe makes a light potato salad with tamarind, chilli, fried onion, and fragrant mint.

A kick of heat from the mild green chillies, a little sweetness and sourness from the tamarind juice, crunch from the fried shallots, and the perfume of fresh mint make this one of the best Burmese salads to accompany your curries and one of our best recipes with potatoes.

I’ve adapted this potato salad slightly from my favourite Burmese cookbook, Mi Mi Khaing’s Cook and Entertain the Burmese Way, published in 1978.

Burmese Potato Salad Recipe With Tamarind, Chilli, Fried Onion and Fragrant Mint

Russian Salmon Potato Salad Recipe

This Russian salmon potato salad recipe with soft-boiled eggs, capers, gherkins and dill makes a filling salad that you can eat year-round. In the cool season, you can serve it with warm potatoes and seared salmon straight from the pan, while it can be refrigerated for warm weather meals, such as summer barbecues and spring picnics.

If you’re eating it at home during cool weather, you’ll want to work quickly so the potatoes, seared salmon and soft-boiled eggs are still warm. In spring and summer, I suggest dressing it with little else but extra virgin olive oil, quality sea salt and good ground black pepper, but in winter, I strongly recommend creamy mayonnaise.

In that case, the runnier the eggs the better, but otherwise, soft jammy eggs are what you want. For perfect soft-boiled eggs, Terence has an excellent guide to boiling perfect eggs every time.

Russian Salmon Potato Salad Recipe with Soft-Boiled Eggs, Gherkins, Capers and Dill

Fried Eggs Breakfast Taco Recipe with Chorizo, Crunchy Potatoes and Spicy Chorizo Oil

Our fried eggs breakfast taco recipe with chorizo, crunchy potatoes and spicy chorizo oil makes a very satisfying weekend breakfast. Easy to make, it comes together quickly.

Squeeze on some hot sauce, add a dollop of Mexican crema or crème fraiche, wrap it up, and tell us this isn’t one of the best breakfast tacos you’ve ever had. It’s also one of our best recipes with potatoes.

If you’re not familiar with the ‘breakfast taco’, it’s just a taco in Mexico where tacos are made with soft tortillas (typically corn tortillas rather than the flour tortillas we’ve had to use) and eaten any time of day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

North of the border, you’ll find it’s the same in Mexican-American restaurants, eateries and food trucks in Texas cities such as Austin, which claims to have coined the term and invented the concept of the ‘breakfast taco’. It’s in the USA’s Tex-Mex cuisine that hard taco shells are used – which are also delicious.

Fried Eggs Breakfast Taco Recipe with Chorizo, Crunchy Potatoes and Spicy Chorizo Oil

Russian Potato Vareniki Recipe for Mashed Potato and Caramelised Onion Filled Dumplings

Who doesn’t love a dumpling? Even better are mashed potato filled dumplings. This traditional Russian potato vareniki recipe makes half-moon shaped Russian dumplings filled with mashed potato and caramelised onion that are eaten with sour cream and fresh dill.

My Russian-Ukrainian grandmother made a big batch along with meat-filled pelmeni for every family family feast and it’s easily another of our best recipes with potatoes. Boiled the first time they’re cooked, they’re fantastic fried the next day.

Baboushka would serve the vareniki swimming in butter in a casserole pot, sprinkled with fresh fragrant dill, and accompanied by dishes of sour cream (smetana). See our fried dumplings recipe for tips on frying leftover vareniki the next day.

Russian Potato Vareniki Recipe for Mash and Caramelised Onion Filled Dumplings

Cauliflower Cabbage Potato Soup Recipe

Our easy cauliflower cabbage potato soup recipe makes a creamy vegetable soup that’s incredibly comforting and if you only make one of our potato soups, this is my pick of our best potato soup recipes.

This silky vegetable soup tastes so rich and creamy you’d think there was cream in it – there isn’t! – and while you could happily tuck into a bowl on the sofa in your PJs on a Sunday night (which is what I’m doing tonight), you could also make it a bit fancy.

In fact, my inspiration for this cauliflower cabbage potato soup recipe was partly a heavenly cauliflower soup that Terence used to make for dinner parties years ago when we lived in the UAE. We frequently had friends over for multi-course tasting menus Terence prepared.

Terence would often begin his divine degustation menus with a shot glass of a rich creamy cauliflower soup that was topped with a dollop of cream, a spoonful of caviar, and a sprinkle of finely-sliced chives or micro-herbs. You could also do that with this soup.

Cauliflower Cabbage Potato Soup Recipe for a Comforting Creamy Vegetable Soup

Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe

Our spicy potato wedges recipe takes the classic Australian café, pub and bar snack of potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream and gives it a spicy Asian twist. These skin-on potato wedges can be fried or baked, but we’ve gone for the healthier oven-baked route.

Don’t worry, this spicy potato wedges recipe will still make you potato wedges that are crispy on the outside and fluffy within. Served with the classic Aussie combo of sweet chilli sauce and sour cream, these spicy wedges make a filling snack or a fantastic side for burgers.

Our Asian twist – five spice powder. We love Himalayan Pink Salt with these and use an adjustable salt grinder so that the final little grind before serving is lighter than what we use before baking. It’s easily another of our best recipes with potatoes.

Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe With Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sour Cream

Russian Potato Pancakes Recipe for Draniki

This potato pancakes recipe is super easy and versatile, too. You can finely grate the potato and onion and use more rather than less flour for a light pancake similar in texture to a pikelet or these mini buckwheat pancakes.

Or grate larger pieces of potato, finely chop or slice your onion, and use less flour for more texture and crunch, more akin to a German kartoffelpuffer. We use a kitchen grater with a storage container attached, but you can use any grater – from a simple box grater to a food processor with a grating or shredding attachment.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like my potato pancakes to look home-made and rustic, so I spoon the mixture directly into a fry pan or skillet, however, Terence prefers silicon egg rings for perfectly round discs.

Serve with sour cream and fresh dill, spring onions/scallions and/or chives. If you love potatoes and love pancakes, it’s easily another of our best recipes with potatoes. Also see our best pancake recipes.

Russian Potato Pancakes Recipe for Draniki to Celebrate Maslenitsa or Pancake Week

Baked Potato Soup Recipe

This baked potato soup recipe has been hugely popular with our readers, making it another of our best potato soup recipes, as well as one of our best recipes with potatoes. It makes a creamy potato soup topped with crispy bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and spring onions or chives.

The delicious potato soup is not made with baked potatoes, rather it’s inspired by the traditional British baked potato or jacket potato with toppings first sold by hawkers on the streets of London back in the mid-1800s.

I grew up in Australia tucking into baked potatoes – or jacket potatoes as we also called them, as they were baked in their skins or ‘jackets’ – at family backyard barbecues or on holiday camping trips.

Whether oven-baked or buried in smouldering coals in the camp-fire, we’d put the toppings into small bowls – crispy bacon pieces, grated cheese, sour cream, and spring onions – and everyone would load up their own potatoes. This baked potato soup is based on those jacket potatoes.

Baked Potato Soup Recipe with Crispy Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream and Spring Onions

Best Shoestring Fries Recipe

While you could serve these skinny fries simply with a quality salt or chilli salt, seeing you’ve gone to the trouble of making them, why not make some homemade Sriracha sauce or sweet chilli sauce to go with them?

They also make perfect loaded fries – spread them out on an oven tray and sprinkle them with finely diced jalapeños or gherkins and grated cheddar cheese, slide them under your oven-grill or broiler, and when the cheese has melted, douse them in chilli sauce and dollops of sour cream. 

Best Shoestring Fries Recipe for the Perfect Side for Burgers and Beef Stroganoff

Russian Potato Salad Recipe for Olivier Salad

This Russian potato salad recipe for the Olivier Salad or ensalada Rusa makes my take on a traditional Russian potato salad dating to the 1860s, when it was invented at a celebrated Moscow restaurant.

We’ve eaten versions of this salad everywhere from San Sebastian to Santiago, where it was typically served in small dishes as tapas or on slices of bread or toast as pinchos in Spain or pintxos in the Basque country or Catalunya.

My baboushka and mum made their versions of this potato salad for family meals, especially during Russian Easter and Christmas. It’s a fantastic summer salad for barbecues and picnics and filling winter salad served as a side to steak, sausages or roast, and it’s easily another of our best recipes with potatoes.

Russian Potato Salad Recipe for the Olivier Salad Also Known as Ensalada Rusa

Hand Cut Potato Chips Recipe

This hand cut potato chips recipe makes perfect crispy fries for your beer battered fish and chips, moules frites, roast chicken, or whatever else you like to serve with homemade potato fries.

Our mouthwatering potato chips are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, but ultimately you need to fry the chips twice. Fortunately, our method doesn’t mean hours in the kitchen.

You’ll need what’s commonly known as a candy thermometer. This is a thermometer that attaches to the side of the pan and actually sits in the pan. Buy one that at least goes to 200°C. They usually have a ‘deep-frying’ indicator at around the 190°C mark.

Deep fryers are great as well and more convenient if you do a lot of deep frying. The more expensive professional deep fryers do not suffer the problems that domestic models do. Don’t forget to make the best condiment to go with your chips, our easy homemade tartare sauce recipe.

Hand Cut Potato Chips Recipe for Crispy Fries for Your Fish and Chips

Russian Beet Potato Salad Recipe

This Russian beet potato salad recipe makes vinegret, a creamy pink potato and beetroot salad that is fragrant with dill and delightfully tangy, thanks to the gherkins and capers. Based on my Baboushka’s recipe, it was a staple at family meals and holiday feasts, Sunday lunches and summer picnics.

The only tweak I have made to baboushka’s Russian beetroot and potato salad recipe is to add capers as I love the extra tang. For a more authentic Russian beet potato salad recipe you may wish to leave the capers out, but this is easily another of our best recipes with potatoes.

Russian Beetroot Potato Salad Recipe for Family Meals and Holiday Feasts

Tortilla de Cebolla Recipe for Spanish Potato Omelette with Onions

This tortilla de cebolla recipe makes the best Spanish potato omelette with onions which can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even for dinner with a selection of other tapas dishes for a Spanish feast – or, rather, a Catalan feast, seeing we published the recipe when we were in Barcelona during our year-long trip around the world that launched Grantourismo back in 2010.

For those not familiar with tortillas, a tortilla in Spain is different to tortilla in Mexico. In Spain, a tortilla is a thick cooked potato omelette of eggs and potatoes, whereas a tortilla in Mexico and South America is a flat soft bread made of corn or flour. One dish that this is similar to the Spanish tortilla is the Italian frittata.

To avoid confusion in restaurants in Spain and Mexico, a tortilla will often be labelled as a ‘Spanish tortilla’ or ‘tortilla de patatas’ (tortilla with potatoes) and a tortilla de cebolla is a Spanish potato omelette with onions, and that’s what this recipe makes, and it’s another of our best recipes with potatoes.

Tortilla de Cebolla Recipe – How to Make the Best Spanish Potato Omelette with Onions


Published 27 November 2021; Updated with new recipes 15 November 2023

Please do let us know in the comments below if you make any of our best recipes with potatoes as we’d love to know how they turned out for you.

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