Best Florence In One Day Itinerary for 2024: How To See the Most In 24 Hours

As the gorgeous capital of the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is a dream destination for art lovers and romantics. Many people pack their itineraries when visiting Italy and often find they have only a day or two in each city. While we recommend three days in the city, you can visit Florence in just one day and see its most popular attractions.

The densely populated city has art galleries galore and a reputation for Renaissance paintings. It has a beautiful historic city center, with the iconic terracotta-domed Florence Cathedral and Giotto’s bell tower. Even with just one day in Florence, you can make some perfect memories.

You could visit Florence on a day trip or visit on a layover. Regardless of your reasons, one day in Florence is enough to get a great taste of what the city offers, as long as you hit the ground running. It is a beautiful city – just check out these photos if you don’t believe us. With the help of a detailed itinerary, you can definitely appreciate the best of Florence in a day.

How To Have The Perfect One Day in Florence

Perfect One Day in Florence Itinerary

In this guide, we’ll provide you with the best one-day Florence itinerary. You’ll see all the main sights, like the Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, and Florence Cathedral. You’ll also experience Florence’s cuisine, market experiences, and dining with river views.

Are you ready for your perfect one day in Florence? Here’s everything you need to know.

Planning One Day in Florence

Planning your Florence in One Day Itinerary

Florence is easily one of the most beautiful Italian cities and has some of the best sightseeing opportunities in Italy. The sheer scale of Renaissance art history and beautiful architecture sets Florence apart. If you remember one thing before your visit, let it be to wear comfortable shoes. There’s lots to see, so if you want to explore Florence in just a day, get ready to cover a lot of distance.

To guide you around Florence with a detailed itinerary, we’ve prepared an ultimate collection of attractions and experiences – all slotted in to make the perfect one day in Florence. We’ll split the day into four parts: morning, midday, afternoon, and evening. You’ll be sampling foods from the central market, visiting Palazzo Vecchio, admiring the Arno River and its Ponte Vecchio bridge, and sipping cocktails overlooking the Florence Cathedral. Action-packed and seriously memorable, here’s your perfect one day in Florence.

When you visit Florence, we’d suggest booking a hotel offering a complimentary breakfast. This way you can spend the morning sightseeing rather than searching for a place to eat. It is a great way to save money in Europe as well.

Florence in one day itinerary Piazza Del Duomo

The two main attractions to see in Florence are the three main buildings of Piazza del Duomo which are the Florence Cathedral, the Baptistry, and the Bell Tower. The number one attraction in Florence is Michalangelo’s David. You will want to see these first as both can get very busy. So plan your morning at the star attractions and then move on with your day to see places like Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery.

Piazza Del Duomo

Florence in One Day Duomo Sunrise

Experiencing the early morning sunrise at Piazza del Duomo is the best way to start your day in the city. The reason to set your alarm clock is simple: you’ll beat the crowds as the soft glow of dawn illuminates the architectural masterpieces.

Stroll through the square to take in the Duomo’s intricate façade, the Baptistery’s renowned bronze doors, and Giotto’s Campanile.

Once you have walked around the Duomo, you can be first in line to climb the Duomo or the Campanile, offering panoramic views of Florence bathed in the morning light. You can book entry tickets in advance to skip the line and it includes entry to Brunelleschi’s Dome.

You can also climb Giotto’s Bell Tower within the Florence Cathedral de Santa Maria, where the summit balconies can be reached by ascending a stairway of 414 steps.

One day in Florence itinerary Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery is the number one thing to do in Florence, and seeing Michelangelo’s David is probably the first thing you’ll want to see in the city. Make sure to book tickets well ahead of time so you can get in and out quickly to move on with your one day in Florence. These priority access tickets offer timed entry tickets using a separate entrance.

Accademia Gallery is in the San Marco district, just a short walk from the city center. The art museum is famous for its Michelangelo sculptures (including the actual Michelangelo’s David).

Piazza della Signoria

Florence Things to do Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria is a beautiful plaza in the historic center of Florence. However, by midday, it becomes packed with tourists, especially in peak seasons. So, this is a great place to grab lunch and do some people-watching before moving on.

The plaza, shaped like a ‘w’, dates back to the 14th century. It has played an important part in Florence’s politics, witnessing major historical events like the return of the Medici family in 1530. Today, you can trace these historical events through incredible sculptures dotted around the plaza.

Florence in One Day Morning Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

Each sculpture has nods to political events. And there’s a marble circle to mark where Savonarola, a controversial friar labeled as a heretic, was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1498. Allow around 15 minutes to visit the plaza, then head to the palace entrance.

Palazzo Vecchio

Florence in One Day  Palazzo Vecchio

If you visit Florence, visit Palazzo Vecchio. This lavish 13th-century palace is a stunning addition to Piazza della Signoria and sits as a bold, fortified building on the eastern edge of the plaza. Palazzo Vecchio has Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and Renaissance-era decor. It has spanned multiple centuries, accruing stories and personalities from many periods.

Palazzo Vecchio is like Florence’s time capsule and a great place to visit if you want to understand as much as possible about Florence in a single day. The palace opens at 9 am, and you can explore the ruins of a Roman theatre in its crypt, walk through royal apartments with walls and ceilings adorned by works from artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, and admire its battlements.

You can book a guided tour that includes skip-the-line entry. This tour includes a video guide.

Ponte Vecchio

Florence in one day itinerary Ponte Vecchio

Another must-see attraction in Florence is Ponte Vecchio, and no visit to the city would be complete without taking in its views and walking across the Arno River along the historic bridge.

Caffe dell’Oro is located right along the riverfront and is an ideal place to dine, with views of Ponte Vecchio and Arno River. The yellow gazebo signpost is easy to spot, and Caffe dell’Oro has a mixture of comfortable al fresco seating and more formal indoor dining. For the best views, though, head to the terrace, which overlooks Ponte Vecchio and the river from a vantage point.

You can choose from a la carte or set menus, sampling Tuscan pasta and fine dining, with the choice of wine accompaniments. Enjoy the food and drink of your choice, all while sightseeing from the comfort of your table as you gaze at the bridge and river scenery. We’d suggest making a reservation, as Caffe dell’Oro is popular, especially in peak tourist seasons, given its location.

Florence In One Day Afternoon: Uffizi Gallery, Mercato del Porcellino, and Mercato di San Lorenzo

Once you’re refreshed from your meal and the river breeze, it’s time to go sightseeing again. With just one day in Florence, you’ll visit the most popular art gallery before hitting up the city’s market scene. If you aren’t excited yet, you most definitely should be.

Reaching Uffizi Gallery – the first attraction on your Florence itinerary this afternoon – is an easy walk down the riverside, past Ponte Vecchio. This short walk should only take a few minutes.

Florence in One Day Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery is a beautiful place to visit for Renaissance artwork in Florence. Forget the modern art museums you see in most major cities; Uffizi Gallery offers Renaissance art by the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The art mostly dates back to when the Medici family ruled Florence; many pieces were part of their collection. If you want more inspiration from Florence than just admiring architecture, the Uffizi Gallery is perfect. Expect grand galleries and everything from gilded gold-framed paintings to elaborate sculptures.

Book your tickets to Uffizi Gallery in advance and plan to arrive by 1:30 pm so you can spend at least two hours here. A single ticket (as of 2024) costs 12 euros when booked online. You then print the confirmation email and exchange your email for your ticket. This lets you skip the line through a fast-track service – entering the museum quicker.

Mercato del Porcellino, aka the Leather Market

Florence in One Day Mercato del Porcellino

At around 4 pm, it’s time to head to Mercato del Porcellino for a bit of retail therapy. Mercato del Porcellino is Florence’s leather market, a massively popular destination in the city for shopping. The indoor market has everything from bags to shoes. And while it mainly focuses on Italian leather goods, you can find some textiles too.

The Mercato del Porcellino is free to enter but allows for the extra cost of any purchases. Keep your eye out for the Fontana del Porcellino, too – a wild boar fountain in the middle of the market. Visitors to the market rub the snout of the boar for good luck and to guarantee their safe and timely return to Florence. Visiting the Fontana del Porcellino is a fun extra activity to indulge in when you visit Florence. Everyone loves a bit of superstition, right? The Fontana del Porcellino boar has a golden nose from all the attention.

Eat at Mercato di San Lorenzo, aka Mercato Central

Florence in One Day Mercato di San Lorenzo

When it reaches 5:30 pm or 6 pm, it’s time to head to San Lorenzo Market for a bite to eat. Florence is best seen on foot. And while you might need more time for a walking tour, you’ll get an insight into exploring Florence on foot by walking between these two markets. It is a 10-minute stroll through the Duomo district, passing attractions like the Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza di San Giovanni, and Cappelle Medicee – the final resting place of the Medici family and their dynasty.

When you reach San Lorenzo Market, you’ll find a gourmet food court that runs late into the night. You can try everything from burgers to Florentine steak and custard and strawberry-filled donuts. If you have just one day in Florence, heading to the Mercato di San Lorenzo is a brilliant way to maximize your experience with various food choices and a buzzy atmosphere.

The cathedral is just a 10-minute walk away from Mercato Centrale. While the cathedral shuts at 5 pm, the dome remains open from 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The dome is the most exciting part of the grand building, as it is home to a viewpoint accessible via over 400 steps, with gorgeous 360-degree views over Florence.

If you aren’t much of a foodie and are visiting during the week, we’d recommend grabbing a quick dinner at the central market before heading to climb the cathedral’s dome at around 6:30-7 pm.

Evening: Views of Florence Cathedral

Florence in One Day Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar

With one day in Florence, you want to include a great view of the cathedral in your itinerary.

The Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar is the most popular spot for views of the Florence Duomo complex. The cathedral is one of the main sights in Florence and dates back to the Middle Ages, so you have to make sure you carve out time to appreciate it. And where better to do so than on a fancy rooftop cocktail bar with an aperitif like a Negroni? With the view from Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar, it is easy to see why Florence is considered one of the prettiest cities in Italy.

Make a reservation in advance to avoid waiting for a spot. Get there before sunset for your best chance of bagging a front-row seat with undisrupted cathedral views.

It is a little expensive, even just for drinks, but you’re paying for the view – which is incredible. You feel close enough to touch the Florence Cathedral. It is the best way to end a great trip.

Hot tip: A great view of the dome is from the terrace in front of La Loggetta di Villa Bardini.

Florence in One Day If You Have Extra Time Lungami Firenze

It goes without saying that there are so many things to do in Florence. With just one day in Florence, it’s inevitable that a few amazing attractions missed out on making the list. So we thought we’d add a quick section on notable mentions, just in case you get some extra time.

These are the top three attractions that didn’t make our list but were mostly definitely next in line.

Pitti Palace

Florence in One Day Pitti Palace

We didn’t include it in your one-day in Florence itinerary as it is further away, across the Arno River and at a distance from the city center. We also didn’t want to overload you with two palaces in one day. But, if you are up for the challenge or find yourself with extra time, Pitti Palace is worth the visit.

The Pitti Palace is younger than the Palazzo Vecchio and is a Renaissance building built in the 15th century. You can visit the palace to tour its halls and apartments and view its Italian and European art collections.

Boboli Gardens

Florence in One Day Boboli Gardens

On a late afternoon, nowhere is better for a walk than Boboli Gardens. The gardens feel like an open-air art gallery, and for a reasonable entrance fee, you can stroll the formal gardens, admiring Renaissance statues and ornately designed fountains. The gardens date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and they’re a great way to experience history and nature rolled into one.

If you want an open-air sculpture gallery experience or have green fingers, Boboli Gardens is excellent. You could easily spend a whole afternoon walking the grounds and finding the little hidden corners and unexpected statues. It’s also located next to Pitti Palace, so the two are handy to combine in one day.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence in One Day itinerary Piazalle Michelangelo

For your Michelangelo, visit Piazzale Michelangelo.

Piazzale Michelangelo is located on the south side of the river, around a 30-minute walk from the city center. The piazza dates back to the 19th century and is most famed for Michelangelo’s David. It’s free to visit and a beautiful place to admire views over Florence and pay respects to Michelangelo and his artwork.

Where To Stay in Florence

Florence in one Day Itinerary Accommodations

If you are only in Florence for one day, you need to stay somewhere within easy walking distance of its main attractions. You don’t want to waste half a day traveling between attractions. For this reason, we’d suggest looking at accommodation only in San Lorenzo and San Marco, or, most ideally, Duomo itself.

Duomo is the main city center area, with a cathedral and attractions like Palazzo Vecchio. San Lorenzo and San Marco is located just north of this district and is where you’ll find the San Lorenzo food market. Any of these neighborhoods will perfectly suit a one-day Florence itinerary. They are within easy walking distance of all the attractions you’d like to see, giving you a great introduction to Florence’s atmosphere. Forget stifled residential areas and slightly sketchy-budget areas; these three areas will provide you with the best experience in the shortest time possible.

Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo Residenza D'Epoca in Florence.

We have a complete guide on where to stay in Florence that you can read here, but for a quick overview, we’ll introduce you to its top accommodation choices per budget now. These are the top choices for budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodation for one day in Florence.

Luxury: Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo Residenza D’Epoca

Palazzo Niccolini is a beautiful mansion opposite the Piazza del Duomo complex. Its rooms are nothing short of lavish, and some suites even have private views of the Florence Cathedral and its iconic orange domes. Expect luxury details like marble bathrooms, Nespresso machines, fireplaces, chandeliers, and original 18th-century frescoes.

Guests also get access to shared lounge areas with antique furniture, with breakfast available daily in the elegant purpose-built dining room. Location and hotel quality: Palazzo Niccolini is where to stay for luxury in Florence.

Mid-range: Hotel degli Orafi

This 4-star property is an ideal mid-range option. Hotel degli Orafi is just minutes away from Ponte Vecchio and has a stunning rooftop with views of the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio. Guests can also use the library, and some guestrooms feature balconies.

Most impressively, Hotel degli Orafi is set in a former convent, dating back to the Augustine period of the 13th century. You can enjoy a daily breakfast in the convent’s former ballroom with Ponte Vecchio and river views.

Budget: My Friends

My Friends offers fantastic dormitory accommodation for as little as $45 a night. You can choose from mixed and single-sex dormitories. It is just 450 meters from Santa Maria Novella Train Station and a 10-minute walk to the Florence Cathedral.

There’s a common area kitchen where you can cook your own meals (although we suggest eating out to maximize your experience), and there’s a daily complimentary breakfast.

Where To Eat in Florence

Florence in One Day Where To Eat in Florence

With one day in Florence, you should take the question of ‘where to eat’ very seriously. After all, you need to squeeze in cuisine sampling, good views, and great service – all in a single day. We’ve listed a few suggestions in our one day Florence itinerary, including:

Caffe dell’Oro is the perfect spot. The stylish venue offers contemporary dining and punchy yet filling Tuscan classics, including delicious pasta. But the highlight is its riverfront location, overlooking the landmark Ponte Vecchio bridge.

San Lorenzo Market is a vast food hall full of international and Italian cuisine. It remains open until midnight every night, and it’s a great chance to try a few different dishes under the same roof. On certain nights, it even plays live music.

Florence in One Day Restaurant Recommendations

When dining in Florence, as a general rule, if you want views, head to the Arno Riverbank. You’ll find riverfront restaurants with water or landmark views – and who wouldn’t want to dine overlooking the Ponte Vecchio? You can also search around the Piazza del Duomo for rooftop bars that have views of the cathedral and its domes, which are beautiful from a vantage point. Check out the View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar, Panorama Restaurant at Hotel La Scaletta, or Angel Roofbar & Dining. These three all have beautiful cathedral views.

We have some extra suggestions, though, especially for traditional Tuscan dining. Check out these top contenders:

  • Trattoria San Lorenzo Firenze

This historic restaurant is just a short walk from Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and serves classic Tuscan dishes like Florentine steaks. As an extra special note, it only serves 100% Tuscan wines. So, if you fancy treating yourself to some self-guided wine tasting (who needs a wine-tasting day trip now?) Trattoria San Lorenzo Firenze is where to go.

Florence in One Day Where To Eat in Florence Florentine steaks

II Cernacchio is closer to Piazza della Signoria and offers more elegant flair. You enter through a large, glass-paneled stone archway into a sleek restaurant with vaulted ceilings. It serves regional pasta dishes, with soups and sandwiches available for those wanting a lighter meal. If you want grandeur rather than just tradition, II Cernacchio is where to head.

How To Maximize Your Stay in Florence

Florence in One Day Maximize Your Stay Fiesole

It might go without saying, but the secret to maximizing your one-day stay in Florence is to maximize your time. You might be happy to see one attraction and then sit down to eat for the rest of your time, heading back to your hotel at dark. But chances are, if you’re forking out a sizeable budget to visit Florence for a day, you want to make it worth your trip.

If you fall into that latter category, this section is for you. We’ll cover the top five tips you need to know to maximize your stay in Florence. Nobody wants those lingering regrets – even if you plan on returning to Florence for a longer time. Here’s how to make the absolute most of your one day in Florence.

1. Advance Planning

Florence in One Day Advance Planning

With one day in Florence, you should absolutely invest in some advance planning. Little things, like purchasing tickets in advance rather than queuing on the day, can save you so much time when you tally it up. Saving 15 minutes here and there can really maximize your time in Florence. So make sure you book any tickets that can be booked online in advance. Then you turn up with a screenshotted mobile ticket and waltz straight in.

Dedicate at least an hour to advance planning before you visit Florence. This way, you can enjoy the city with the legwork already in place. Knowing whether you will order a 10-minute taxi or catch the 20-minute tram to the airport makes the whole experience slicker. It also means you aren’t scrambling on the day- much easier.

2. Have Offline Maps Downloaded

Florence in one Day using Offline Maps

In our opinion, you should always travel with offline maps. But when you are only spending one day in Florence, this is even more important. You don’t want to waste your time getting lost. And you want to be able to move quickly between attractions. Not everyone’s data packages cover roaming data in Italy.

The simple answer is to download offline maps in case you encounter difficulty with your data. Downloading a map of Florence is easy. You open the Google Maps app on your phone, click the top right circle with the first letter of your name, and select the ‘offline maps’ option from the drop-down menu. From there, click ‘select your own map’ and hover the selector tool so that it frames the areas of Florence you’ll be visiting. Click download, and voila, you have offline directions around Florence.

3. Stay Central

Florence in one day tips stay central

As mentioned in the accommodation section, with just one day in Florence, you want to stay centrally. San Lorenzo, San Marco, and Duomo are the three best neighborhoods for maximizing your stay, as each is within easy walking distance of major attractions. They also offer great insight into the culture and atmosphere of the city, which is a plus when looking to maximize a short stay.

You don’t have long in Florence, so save time traveling around the city when you could be sightseeing. If it isn’t central, scratch the accommodation. Those short tram rides and walks quickly add up. Save your time and pick a hotel in Duomo, San Marco, or San Lorenzo.

4. Check Opening Days, Then Double Check Opening Times

Florence in One Day Check Opening Days Sculptures

It is well worth noting that many museums and galleries, including the Uffizi Gallery, shut on Mondays. While most museums and galleries open around the usual 9 until 6 pm, don’t let weird opening days trip you up. If you’re only visiting for one day, you’ll need to double check that the attractions you want to see are actually open.

Palazzo Vecchio and Florence Cathedral shut on a Sunday. The Palatine Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, and Accademia Gallery are also shut on Mondays, like the Uffizi Gallery.

You don’t want to disappoint yourself by turning up to closed doors. And while you may or may not choose to change what day you visit Florence depending on attraction opening days, it at least won’t leave you scrambling to change your itinerary last minute.

5. Plan Your Evening

Florence in One Day Plan Your Evening Skyline

Finally, with one day in Florence, you should absolutely maximize your evening. One way to do this is to experience the city’s cathedral in the evening rather than the day. This is especially true if you don’t want to see inside the cathedral itself but would prefer to snag views of its dome or climb it for a city viewpoint.

It’s worth noting that the Duomo Florence keeps its dome open until 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday, so you could always have an evening visit to the cathedral dome for views over Florence. You’ll tackle over 400 steps and admire the bright lights of Florence illuminated beneath you. The cathedral’s dome is one of the most famous viewpoints in the entire city.

Florence in One Day Santa Maria del Fiore

Otherwise, if you prefer cocktails over 400 steps, you could head to the View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar for after-hours panoramas of the beautiful Florence Cathedral. If you choose the cocktail bar option, you can taste classic aperitivos like a negroni or spritz. It’s a great chance to sample some of Florence’s nightlife and cuisine.

One Day in Florence: FAQs

Florence in One Day FAQs

Now you know all about visiting Florence, what about some FAQs? Florence is an amazing city, full of art and culture. With one day in Florence, you’ll have to be super picky about which attractions you squeeze in and be prepared to hit the ground running to maximize sightseeing.

Of course, this means making some potentially tough decisions. Will you sacrifice the Opera del Duomo Museum? Will you skip the Pitti Palace in exchange for a few hours at the Palazzo Vecchio?

To help you prepare for your one-day visit to Florence, we have some quickfire FAQs. Hopefully, this will give you more clarity and direction when making those tough calls.

Is 1 day enough for Florence?

One day in Florence is enough to scratch the surface. In an ideal world, you’d have at least three days. In three days, you could visit Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens, located south of the Arno River. You could also plan a day trip to somewhere like Pisa.

However, in one day, you should focus on the city center north of the river. This way, you’ll see the Palazzo Vecchio, the main squares, markets, and Florence Cathedral.

What to do in Florence in 4 hours?

In 4 hours, you should visit Florence Cathedral, the Leather Market, and Mercato di San Lorenzo to soak up the city’s atmosphere and cuisine. Alternatively, if you prefer history, pick one museum or palace – like the Palazzo Vecchio or the Uffizi Gallery – and have a 5-minute peek at Florence Cathedral.

What to do in Florence in 3 hours?

In 3 hours, you have enough time to visit one museum or gallery. You could visit the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, or Opera del Duomo Museum.

Alternatively, you could take a walking tour of Florence, seeing architecture such as Florence Cathedral and Giotta’s Bell Tower.

Is Florence a walkable city?

Yes, most of Florence’s attractions are within walking distance of each other. Even the Boboli Gardens and Florence Cathedral are within walking distance of each other; they are 14 minutes apart on foot despite being separated by the Arno River. You should find it easy to walk around Florence, just bring some comfortable walking shoes.

Can I do Florence in 1 day?

Yes, you can see most of Florence’s highlights in a day. However, remember that you’ll have to make some compromises, which may feel rushed. If you’d prefer to visit more than a maximum of 3-5 attractions and sightsee at a leisurely pace, we suggest visiting Florence for longer.

Is it worth it to go to Florence for a day?

Absolutely. Even though you’ll have to visit your chosen attractions quickly, it is still worth visiting Florence. The city is so beautiful, and there’s so much art, history, and culture in its boundaries. Even with just one day in Florence, you’ll get a fantastic insight into the Renaissance’s art and some beautiful views – including of Florence Cathedral’s terracotta-domed roof and bell tower.

One Day in Florence

Florence in One Day To Conclude

Visiting Italy just isn’t the same without at least one day in Florence. While Venice is famous for its waterways, Milan rules fashion, and Rome gets the buzz over its historic ruins, Florence rules the Renaissance artwork world. It also has a great atmosphere and many culinary treats and experiences. Even with just one day in Florence, you’ll get a fabulous introduction to the city, its history, the cuisine, and all the art it offers.

Of course, if you can, extend your stay. There’s no such thing as too much time in Florence. This way, you can fit in experience outside the city; Florence has some amazing day trips at its fingertips. You could plan day trips like heading to Cinque Terre or visiting Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. High-speed train connections are heading straight from Florence train station to amazing destinations all over Italy. Visiting Pisa from Florence only takes an hour by high-speed train.

Florence is a fantastic city to visit in Italy, so whether you have one day in Florence or five, have a wonderful time and tick off as many sights as possible.

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