Air India’s New Logo and Livery Unveiled in Rebranding

Air India’s new livery

In a resounding transformation, Air India, now guided by Tata, steps into a new era with an awe-inspiring brand identity. As the curtains fall on the familiar emblem, a breathtaking palette of golden, red, and aubergine emerges, embodying boundless potential, advancement, and an unwavering outlook. The Vista, Air India’s new logo, is the canvas for the carrier’s renewed confidence and ambition to become one of the best airlines in the world. 

At the heart of this transformation is the golden window frame, a metaphorical “Window of Possibilities.” Starting December 2023, this new look will be seen on the Airbus A350 fleet, heralding Air India’s remarkable journey back to its rightful place. Indian Eagle flights can be booked in advance so you get a first-hand experience of Air India’s rebranding. 

Air India’s New Logo

Air India New Logo

Air India bids farewell to the Maharaja, embracing transformation. The iconic red, white, and rising sun tail are replaced by Air India’s new brand colors; red, aubergine, and gold. ‘Air India Sans’ font features in the wordmark, while ‘The Vista’ logo adorns the window’s edge.

The new visual transformation is a blend of heritage and modernity. This amalgamation is visible in the new Vista logo that redraws the timeless ‘jharokha’ motif adorning all current aircraft windows.

Air India’s New Livery 

No airline branding is complete without a livery. Air India’s new livery is a bold statement. The airline’s name features on the fuselage and belly in a fresh font. The tail steals attention with Air India’s new brand colors that are a blend of gold, red, and aubergine. These hues pay homage to history and future. The color scheme extends to red wingtips and gold accents. 

The Iconic Maharaja Mascot

Although the iconic Maharaja mascot has now retired it still finds its abode in exclusive enclaves, yielding prominence to Air India’s new logo that adorns the aircraft’s exterior.  From lounges to inflight dining, Air India’s Maharaja still adds charm. His golden touch graces tableware in premium cabins. Furthermore, Ask Maharaja, an AI-powered chatbot offers real-time assistance to passengers. Be it how to cancel your flight, booking details, baggage policy or any other query, it will get resolved in no time. With these, the legacy of Maharaja will likely continue. 

Air India isn’t just focusing on a visual transformation but the airline is constantly upgrading its fleet, adding new destinations and increasing flight frequencies. It is also a leading carrier serving millions of passengers between the USA and India. It offers convenient nonstop flights from Chicago, New York, Washington, Newark and San Francisco to major Indian cities.

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The ongoing transformation is a testament to Air India’s aim, which is to redefine its narrative on the global stage, while staying deeply rooted in its cultural heritage. What are your views on Air India’s new logo and livery? Comment below and let us know.

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