33 Best Things to Do in Budapest In 2023

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest does not disappoint. Located in the heart of Central Europe and straddling the shimmering Danube River, Hungary’s enchanting capital city is renowned for its remarkable architecture, healing thermal baths, and a history that weaves a tale as complex as the labyrinths beneath the Buda Castle. These are the best things to do in Budapest, a city that captivates every visitor.

Top Things to Do in Budapest

Top Things to do in Budapest

Budapest, the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, is a harmonious blend of two erstwhile cities – Buda, resting on rolling hills and home to historic castles and palaces, and Pest, the vibrant hub of culture, politics, gastronomy, and nightlife. The two halves, each with their unique flavors, combine to create a city that’s as rich and diverse as the tapestry of its past.

Located in Central Europe, Budapest is an easy city to visit on a River Cruise, Road Trip, or by flying into the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport located about 16 km from the city center. You can book a transfer directly from the airport to take you to your downtown hotel. If you are looking for car rentals, check out RentalCars.com

Planning Your Trip To Budapest Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours in Budapest. Make sure to plan ahead when visiting Hungary!

Top Activities and Tours in Budapest:

1. Visit Heroes’ Square

Best Things to do in Budapest Heroes Square

Located at the end of Andrássy Avenue, Heroes Square is something not to be missed. You can’t miss the Millennium Monument at its center which depicts the Archangel Gabriel holding the Hungarian crown. It is surrounded by several other statues that represent the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important Hungarian leaders.

Make sure to visit the two art museums on either side of the square and learn a little about Hungarian history.

2. Hungarian Parliament Building

Best Things to do in Budapest The Parliament Buildings

The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the largest buildings and most recognizable in Budapest. One of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings, the parliament building, is a marvel of Gothic Revival architecture. Dominating the Pest side of the Danube, the building’s intricate detailing and grandeur are a sight to behold. Its interior is adorned with gold accents and intricate stained glass.

You can tour the 691-room parliament building and watch the changing of the guard. During the tour, you can explore its beautiful statues and paintings as well as learn about the political history of Budapest.

The parliament is a working government building and home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels. A guided tour offers insights into Hungarian politics and the opportunity to appreciate the stunning architecture up close.

Don’t miss the chance to see the building at night when it’s beautifully illuminated, reflecting over the Danube. To really appreciate its Gothic Revival beauty, make sure to view it from the opposite side of the Danube. Or book a city cruise. This cruise includes unlimited Processo as you take in the sights.

3. Walk Across The Chain Bridge

Best things to do in Budapest chain bridge

This is Budapest’s most famous bridge and for good reason. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, usually referred to as the Chain Bridge, is more than a means to cross the Danube. It’s a symbol of Hungarian resilience and innovation. Opened in 1849, the bridge was the first to permanently connect Buda and Pest.

A walk across the bridge offers delightful views of the city’s landmarks. The sight of the Royal Palace, Matthias Church, and Parliament building from the bridge is truly picture-perfect. At night, the illuminated bridge against the backdrop of Budapest’s skyline creates a magical setting.

Built in 1849, this suspension bridge connects the Buda(west) and Pest(East) sides of the city. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk across and the views are stunning. You are going to want to see this bridge both during the day and at night to really appreciate how impressive this bridge really is. Especially if you want some great photos.

4. Explore Buda Castle

Best Things to do in Budapest Buda Castle

Perched high atop Castle Hill, Buda Castle is an iconic symbol of Budapest. This former home of Hungarian kings was completed in the 13th Century and is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. Surrounded by the Hungarian National Gallery, and the Budapest History Museum, Castle Hill is the perfect place to learn all about the culture of the city.

Whether day or night, the Castle, with its magnificent Baroque architecture, exudes an enchanting beauty. A stroll around the castle grounds at dusk provides an unforgettable sight of Budapest’s glittering skyline. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding Castle District, with its charming, narrow streets and historical buildings.

The best way to explore the Castle Hill area is by a guided tour. This 2-hour Castle tour costs is worth every penny.

Another interesting tour is the Buda Castle Caves Tour which takes you through the underground tunnels of Castle Hill. It is a fascinating trip through the labyrinth-like of cave system which once served as wine cellars, bomb shelters, and even a medieval prison.

5. Szechenyi Spa Baths

Best things to do in Budapest Szechenyi Spa Baths

There is a reason they call it the City of Spas. When in Budapest, indulging in a thermal bath is a must. The city is renowned for its thermal baths, and Széchenyi is the largest and arguably the most popular. Situated in the heart of City Park, Széchenyi boasts 15 indoor pools and three grand outdoor pools as well as 10 saunas and steam rooms. They are the perfect escape after a few hours of sightseeing in the city. They are the largest medicinal baths in Europe and are known for their healing properties.

Thermal water, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, is believed to have therapeutic properties. Whether you swim, soak, or partake in a game of chess with the locals, Széchenyi Thermal Bath offers a unique blend of relaxation and recreation. Visit in the winter for an extraordinary experience of bathing in hot waters as snow falls around you.

The art nouveau style baths date back to 1911. They suffered damage during World War II in the Siege of Budapest, but have been restored to their original splendor.

Book a full day at the baths in advance – this includes a full day ticket, and an optional tour to the city center to taste some Hungarian pálinka. Also note, that towels and bathing suits are available for purchase. (no rentals)

6. The Fisherman’s Bastion

best things to do in Budapest The Fisherman's Bastion

If you are looking for the best views over the city then you will want to head to the Fisherman’s Bastion. The panoramic views over Pest, Margaret Island, and The Danube are unmatched, especially at sunset.

Its seven towers represent the seven Magyar tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century. While the view from the Bastion is impressive at any time of day, it’s especially enchanting at night when the city is illuminated. Adjacent to the Bastion is the Matthias Church, another must-visit landmark with its stunning tiled roof and intricate interior.

7. Margaret Island

best things to do in budapest margaret island

Margaret Island is by far Budapest’s most beautiful green space creating a serene oasis in the heart of Budapest. At 2.5 km long, Margaret Island is located in the middle of the Danube River and is accessed by a bridge at each end, it is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some beautiful gardens.

From beautiful gardens and historic ruins to a mini-zoo and thermal baths, there’s something for everyone. The Island is a popular spot for jogging, picnics, and leisurely strolls.

Don’t miss the musical fountain near the entrance, which puts on a show synchronized to classical music. There are also medieval ruins and an aviary that rehabilitates injured birds. The island also hosts several music and cultural festivals throughout the year, adding to its lively atmosphere.

9. City Park

Best things to do in Budapest City Park

If you are looking for another green space, City Park is a wonderful spot to escape the hustle and bustle. City Park, or Városliget as it is known in Hungarian spans approximately 302 acres in the heart of the city.

The most iconic site in City Park is the Széchenyi Thermal Baths but it is also home to Vajdahunyad Castle, the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, which is one of the oldest zoos in the world and the park is also the site of the Municipal Circus and the Pet?fi Hall, a popular venue for concerts and performances.

Other amenities include playgrounds, a boating lake, which transforms into an ice skating rink during the winter, and the Gundel Restaurant, famous for its traditional Hungarian cuisine.

9. Stroll along the Danube Promenade

Best things to do in Budapest Danube Promenade

Taking a short walk between the Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge along the Danube gives some of the best views of the iconic landmarks of the Buda side of Budapest. You will have great views of the castle, the Liberty Statue, and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Try to visit the Danube Promenade in the evening when these buildings are lit up. Budapest is our favorite city in Europe at night. Its skyline lit up over the Danube takes you back in time. It is breathtaking.

10. Visit the “Shoes on the Danube Bank” memorial

things to do in Budapest Shoes on the Danube Bank Memorial

Located along the Danube Promenade The Shoes on the Danube memorial is dedicated to the 3500 killed by the Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. There are 60 pairs of cast iron shoes on the bank of the river in memory of the victims that were forced to take off their shoes before they were executed and their bodies swept away by the Danube.

This poignant memorial on the Danube Bank is a tribute to the Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. This memorial is a stark reminder of the atrocities of war. It’s a sobering site that brings home the human cost of the Holocaust in Hungary. A visit here is a moment to reflect and remember.

11. Great Market Hall (Central Market Hall)

Best Things to do in Budapest Great Market Hall

Great Market Hall also known as Central Market Hall is Budapest’s most famous., If you are staying in an apartment rental it is a great place to pick up your groceries and some one-of-a-kind souvenirs. It is located right on the Danube and is worth spending, at least, an hour or two exploring its treasures.

It is the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest with a neo-Gothic exterior the bustling stalls selling a variety of goods, it’s a place that showcases the vibrant local life. The ground floor is an excellent spot to find traditional Hungarian foods like salami, spices, and Tokaji wine. The upper floor offers handicrafts, souvenirs, and eateries serving local dishes. Whether you’re a food lover, a souvenir hunter, or a culture enthusiast, the Great Market Hall has something to offer.

12. Stroll Along Andrássy Avenue

fun things to do in Budapest Andrassy Avenue

Recognized as a World Heritage Site, Andrássy Avenue is one of Budapest’s most significant streets. It’s lined with neo-renaissance mansions, and luxury boutiques, and connects two of Budapest’s famous landmarks – Heroes’ Square and the Hungarian State Opera House.

Andrássy Avenue isn’t just about grandeur and shopping. It also offers insights into Budapest’s history and culture. At one end is Heroes’ Square, featuring statues of Hungarian leaders and the iconic Millennium Monument. At the other end is the Hungarian State Opera House, a jewel of neo-renaissance architecture, where you can catch a ballet or opera performance.

13. The House of Terror

things to do in Budapest House of Terror

The House of Terror Museum, housed in a building that was a former headquarters of the Nazi and then Soviet secret police, is a chilling look at the darker side of Hungary’s history. The museum is a memorial to the victims of the Fascist and Communist Regimes.

The House of Terror, which is located on Andrássy Avenue, was the former headquarters of the Nazis and was also used as a prison during World War II by the Fascist Arrow Cross Party in the communist era.

The museum covers 4 floors and a mix of collections and interactive displays where you can learn about that time in the city’s history.

Through a series of exhibits, films, and installations, you’ll learn about the impact of fascist and communist regimes on Hungary. The House of Terror provides an important understanding of Hungary’s past, making it an essential visit for history enthusiasts.

14. Hungarian State Opera House

things to do in Budapest Hungarian State Opera House

If you are looking for something unique to do in Budapest then you should definitely visit the Hungarian National Opera House. It was first opened in 1884 and is a beautiful example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. Seeing an opera here is an incredible experience. The sound in the 1200-seat auditorium is one of the best in the world and the building itself is jaw-dropping.

Budapest’s Hungarian State Opera House is a marvel of neo-Renaissance architecture. It’s not just a place for opera; it’s a grand monument to Hungary’s musical history. The ornate auditorium, with its gold detailing and plush red seating, is among the most beautiful in Europe.

While watching a performance here is a real treat, a guided tour is a way to appreciate the Opera House’s architectural grandeur and learn about its history. The tour often includes a mini-concert, giving you a taste of the magnificent acoustics.

If you are unable to get tickets to an opera then you should definitely take a guided tour. Just make sure to book them in advance.

15. St. Stephen’s Basilica

Best Things to do in Budapest St Stephens Basilica

This is the largest church in Budapest and the tallest. It was named after the first King of Hungary, Stephen I (you can see his right hand if that interests you), and is the most important church in the country. St. Stephen’s Basilica is not only a religious site but also a beacon of Hungarian history and culture.

The basilica is a masterpiece of neo-classical architecture and the third tallest building in Budapest. When you visit St Stephen’s Basilica, make sure to head up to the observation deck for some spectacular views over the city.

Inside, the basilica houses an impressive collection of religious relics, including the mummified right hand of Saint Stephen. The basilica also serves as a concert venue due to its exceptional acoustics and often hosts classical music concerts.

The church is free to enter but it will cost you HUF 400 to access the observation deck using the stairs (365!) or HUF 600 taking the elevator.

16. Buda Castle Funicular

Best Things to do in Budapest Buda Castle Funicular

Take the funicular up for another fun attraction in Budapest. Dating back to 1870, it was the 2nd funicular built in all of Europe. Running between Adam Clark Square and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge the funicular is a great way to get up to the Castle Hill area. It runs continuously each day every 10 minutes so the long queues move quickly.

17. Visit the Ruin Bars

Things to do in Budapest Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

Ruin bars are all the rage in Budapest. Located in abandoned buildings and decorated with eclectic comfortable furniture, Ruin pubs are all unique in their own way. These bars are mostly located in the Jewish Quarter and are set in abandoned buildings. They are decorated with eclectic, often recycled, furniture and art.

Each ruin bar has a character of its own, with diverse music, art installations, and a lively, inclusive atmosphere. Ruin pubs aren’t just places to grab a drink; they’re social hubs where you can meet locals, fellow travelers, enjoy live music, and even catch a film screening. Exploring these ruined bars is an experience that encapsulates the spirit of Budapest’s vibrant nightlife.

Szimpla Kert is the most famous of all the ruin pubs and is also located in the Jewish Quarter so make sure to pop in while you are bar hopping. Szimpla Kert is a labyrinth of quirky rooms and vintage decor. Don’t forget to order yourself a shot of Unicum, a traditional Hungarian liqueur. It will blow your socks off.

18. Take a Danube River Cruise

Best Things to do in Budapest Danube River Cruise

One of the best ways to take in all the beauty of Budapest is to take a cruise along the Danube River. There are many different cruises that last from a couple of hours to a full day. We took a week-long River Cruise along the Danube. You can learn more about what we saw here.

The Danube River, splitting Buda and Pest, is a defining feature of Budapest. A river cruise offers a different perspective of the city’s landmarks, including the Parliament, Buda Castle, and the Citadel. It’s a particularly popular activity at sunset and in the evening when the city lights create a romantic atmosphere.

Many cruises offer dining and live music, enhancing the experience further. Whether you choose a lunch cruise, a sunset cruise, or a dinner cruise, floating on the Danube is an experience you’ll cherish.

This River Cruise includes a complimentary cocktail as you enjoy a one-hour trip along the Danube to enjoy the iconic sites such as Buda Castle and the Vigado Concert Hall.

19. Liberty Square

Things to do in Budapest Liberty Square

This Russian monument honors the soldiers of the Red Army who died during the liberation of Budapest from the Nazis in World War II. It is ironically located directly across from the US embassy and a statue of Ronald Reagan stands on the other side of it.

20. Take a Trabant Tour

Best Things to do in Budapest Trebant Car Tour

Known as “The Paper Jaguar”, this nostalgic car from the communist era is the perfect way to take a tour of the city. A chauffeur will drive you around town, stopping at the popular places while telling you about what life was like during that era in Budapest.

21. Gellért Hill Liberty Statue

Best Things to do in Budapest Gellert Hill Liberty Statue

Gellért Hill offers great panoramic views of the city and the Danube. The Liberty Statue sits atop the hill and was erected in 1947 to pay tribute to the Soviet soldiers that gave their lives to liberate the city from the Nazis during World War II.

It is a little out of the city but it is worth it to head out there or you can visit if you are on the Trabant tour. There is also a cave church and the citadel that are worth exploring.

Gellért Hill offers some of the best panoramic views of Budapest. At the top, you’ll find the Liberty Statue, a monument dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Hungary. The hill is also home to the Citadella, a historic fortress that now hosts various exhibitions.

A walk up can be a bit challenging, but the scenery along the way and the view from the top make it worth the effort. Whether at sunrise, sunset, or night, the vista of the cityscape, the Danube River, and the bridges connecting Buda and Pest is truly enchanting

22. Gundel Restaurant

Best things to do in budapest Gundel Restaurant

If you are into culinary travel or just love sampling the food of the country then a visit to the Gundel Restaurant is a must. The Gundel Restaurant dates back to 1894 and is considered one of the pioneers of Hungarian gastronomy.

It is the premier spot for traditional Hungarian food in Budapest especially if you want to savor authentic Hungarian cuisine in a historic grand fashion.

23. Dohány Street Synagogue

Things to do in Budapest Dohany Street Synagogue

Budapest is a beautiful city and the Dohány Street Synagogue, also known as the Great Synagogue. is absolutely beautiful. Located in the Jewish Quarter and opened in 1859, it is the second-largest synagogue in the world, and the interior and the garden were restored in the 1990s.

The Dohány Street Synagogue is not only the largest synagogue in Europe, but it’s also an important center of Neolog Judaism and a powerful symbol of Jewish heritage in Hungary. Its Moorish Revival architecture is breathtaking, with its richly decorated interior and two impressive onion-shaped domes.

Besides being a place of worship, the complex also houses the Hungarian Jewish Museum and a Holocaust memorial. A visit to the Dohány Street Synagogue offers insight into Jewish history, culture, and the resilience of the Jewish community in Hungary. Don’t miss the weeping willow memorial which is located in the garden.

24. Take Free Walking Tour

Free things to do in Budapest Walking tour

The best way to take all the best things to do in Budapest is to do a walking tour. We love joining walking tours when we reach a new destination and the tours of Budapest are some of the best. You get all of the history from a knowledgeable guide and you get to spend time at each location.

If you prefer to get around a little faster then a bike tour is for you. It covers about 15km and it takes you past all the cool spots like Vajdahunyad Castle, St Stephen’s Basilica, Szechenyi Baths, and the Parliament building. Budapest is a very bike-friendly city and it is easy to pedal.

25. Explore Vajdahunyad Castle

Best Things to do in Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle, located in City Park, is a unique architectural tribute to a thousand years of Hungarian history. It features replicas of several landmark buildings from different parts of the Kingdom of Hungary, showcasing Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles.

The castle houses the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, the biggest agricultural museum in Europe. Besides, the castle grounds are perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and even boating on the lake in the summer. During winter, the lake transforms into a popular ice-skating rink.

26. Visit the Pinball Museum

Fun things to do in Budapest Pinball Museum

If you are looking for something completely different to do in Budapest then you might want to check out the pinball museum. Opened in 2014, it houses 130 machines and is fun for the whole family. I’ve got to say, this is one of the coolest, off-the-wall museums in the city.

27. Hungarian National Museum

Best Things to do in Budapest Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum is one of Hungary’s most important historical and cultural institutions. The museum’s grand neoclassical building itself is worth seeing. Designed by architect Mihály Pollack and opened in 1847, the museum’s front steps are a historically significant site as it was here that the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 was declared.

The museum houses a comprehensive collection of artifacts spanning Hungary’s history from its founding to the present day. The archaeological section holds relics from prehistoric times, from the Roman era when it was called the Roman city of Aquincum, to the migration period of the Magyars, the founders of Hungary.

Meanwhile, the historical department covers the period from the foundation of the state to the 1990s, providing visitors with an in-depth look at Hungary’s complex past.

One of the highlights of the museum is the Coronation Mantle, which has been used in the coronation of Hungarian kings since the 11th century. The museum also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions focusing on various historical themes.

Best things to do in Budapest Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery, housed within Buda Castle, is the largest public collection documenting and presenting the rise and development of the fine arts in Hungary. It features extensive collections of paintings, sculptures, medieval and Renaissance stonework, and prints from as early as the 10th century.

The exhibitions offer a journey through Hungarian art and history, with works from renowned artists like Mihály Munkácsy and Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this cultural treasure and the chance to appreciate the panoramic views of Budapest from the top of the museum.

29. Mattias Church

Top things to do in Budapest Mattias Church

One of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks, Matthias Church, stands proudly on Castle Hill. Named after King Matthias Corvinus, the church’s history spans over 700 years. The neo-Gothic architecture, colorful roof tiles, and intricate interior make it a masterpiece of art and history.

The church has witnessed numerous coronations and weddings, including that of King Matthias himself. Today, aside from religious services, the church hosts concerts due to its excellent acoustics. The nearby Fisherman’s Bastion offers incredible views of the city, making the area a must-visit spot in Budapest.

30. Aquincum Museum and Ruin Garden

Things to do in Budapest Aquincum Museum and Ruin Garden

The Aquincum Museum and Ruin Garden is a fascinating archaeological site and museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing the remains of Aquincum, the ancient Roman city that once stood where Budapest is today.

Aquincum was the capital of the Roman province of Pannonia Inferior and one of the most important cities in the Danube region during Roman times, dating back to the 2nd-4th centuries AD. Today, the Aquincum Museum and Ruin Garden allow visitors to step back in time and walk among the ruins.

The museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts unearthed from the site, including Roman stone carvings, statues, ceramics, jewelry, and other everyday objects that offer a glimpse into life during Roman times. One of the museum’s most notable exhibits is the Aquincum Water Organ, an ancient Roman musical instrument that was discovered in the region.

31. Museum of Fine Arts

Best Things to do in Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts (Szépmuvészeti Múzeum) in Budapest is one of the most important and prestigious cultural institutions in Hungary. It houses an extensive international collection of art, including works spanning seven centuries from around the globe.

Located in Heroes’ Square, the museum is housed in a magnificent Neo-Classical building, which opened in 1906. The Museum of Fine Arts’ collection is diverse and expansive, with over 100,000 pieces. The Old Masters’ Gallery showcases an impressive collection of European paintings and drawings, featuring works from renowned artists such as Raphael, El Greco, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, and Goya.

The museum boasts one of Central Europe’s richest collections of Egyptian Art. It showcases approximately 4,000 artifacts that offer insights into Ancient Egyptian civilization.

There’s also an extensive collection of Ancient Art, featuring Greek, Roman, and Etruscan works, while the Sculpture Collection boasts pieces from the Middle Ages to the late 18th century. Recently, the museum has undergone extensive renovations to further enhance its exhibition spaces and visitor services, including a new Romanesque Hall, which hosts temporary exhibitions.

32. Experience Budapest’s Café Culture

Budapest’s café culture is a significant part of the city’s identity. With a coffee culture history dating back to the late 19th century, Budapest’s coffee houses were hubs of literary and artistic life. Café Gerbeaud and New York Café are among the most famous and opulent coffee houses in the city.

Each coffee house in Budapest has its unique charm and history. Some serve as venues for live music and poetry readings, while others exhibit local artwork. Enjoy a cup of traditional Hungarian coffee, sample local pastries like Dobos Torte, and soak in the cultural ambiance of these iconic establishments.

33. Escape to the Buda Hills

Things to do in Budapest Buda Hills

The Buda Hills, tower over the western side of Budapest and offer a tranquil respite from the city’s bustling streets. The top attraction here is The Children’s Railway. This unique attraction is a narrow-gauge railway winding through some of the most beautiful parts of the Buda Hills.

Another one of the most popular attractions in the Buda Hills is the Széchenyi Hill Lookout Tower. Climb the tower for a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and its surroundings. Close to the lookout tower is the Elizabeth Lookout, another vantage point with equally captivating views.

The Buda Hills are crisscrossed with a network of hiking and biking trails that offer stunning views over Budapest and the Danube River.

How to Get Around Budapest

Best Things to do in Budapest Getting Around

Budapest has an extensive and efficient public transportation system, making it easy for tourists to navigate the city. Options include the Metro, trams, buses, and trolleybuses. The Metro, with its four lines, is especially useful for getting around the city quickly. Trams are perfect for short distances and offer scenic routes along the Danube River.

For those who prefer traveling on water, there are public boats operating on the Danube River, offering a unique perspective of the city. Biking is also an increasingly popular way to get around Budapest, with dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs like MOL Bubi.

Budapest Card

To make traveling around Budapest easier and more cost-effective, consider purchasing the Budapest Card. The Budapest Card is the official city pass of Budapest, which provides a range of benefits:

  1. Unlimited public transportation: The card offers unlimited travel on the city’s public transportation network, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, the metro, and even boats.
  2. Free entry to museums: The card grants free admission to many of the city’s top museums, including the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Budapest History Museum.
  3. Discounts: The card offers discounts at a wide range of attractions, tours, restaurants, thermal baths, and more.
  4. Additional services: The Budapest Card also includes free or discounted walking tours, a free guidebook, and other services.

The Budapest Card comes in different versions (24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours), allowing you to choose the one that best fits your itinerary. It’s an excellent investment for travelers wanting to explore Budapest at their own pace while saving on transportation and attractions.

What is Budapest best known for?

Budapest is best known for its historical sites like the Buda Castle, thermal baths like Széchenyi, and the Hungarian Parliament Building. It’s also renowned for its unique blend of architectural styles and its vibrant café culture.

What you Cannot miss in Budapest?

In Budapest, you cannot miss a soak in Széchenyi Thermal Bath, a visit to Buda Castle, a stroll along the Danube, and a tour of the Hungarian Parliament Building.

How many days should I spend in Budapest?

A 3-4 day trip is usually sufficient to visit Budapest’s key attractions, try some traditional Hungarian food, and possibly enjoy a thermal bath experience. However, with so much to see and do, you could easily extend your stay to a week or more.

In conclusion

Cool things to do in Budapest

From its UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its bustling markets, from its illustrious opera house to the ruins transformed into trendy bars, Budapest is an explorer’s dream. Whether you’re marveling at the grandeur of the Hungarian Parliament Building, immersing yourself in the bubbling bliss of Széchenyi Thermal Bath, or tracing the contours of history in the Hungarian National Museum, the city is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.

And these are the Best Things to do in Budapest. Budapest is one of these places that has something for everyone. The city is full of history, incredible views, and architecture that will blow your mind. If you have three or four days in the city you can really get a great feel for the city and understand why so many people visit this city each year.

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