3 Reasons Italy Should Be on Your List of Places to Visit

When it comes to bucket list destinations, there are many countries you can include – London, Maldives, the Caribbean, Australia and of course Italy!

Italy is flooded with history, known for its delicious cuisine and can be booked as part of an affordable break or ultra-luxury break (a private jet to Italy is more affordable than you may think).

You can visit this wonderful country as part of a romantic break away with your loved one, you can bring your children on a family break away to Italy or you can visit with your friends and family – the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you are thinking about staying in Italy in the winter or the summer months, you won’t have a bad experience – here are our 3 favorite reasons to visit. 

Italian Cuisine

Gelato icecream Rome Italy food dessert RF

You can’t mention Italy without thinking of their cuisine – they are very famous for it!

Visit and enjoy a traditional Italian pizza or head over to Genoa for some pesto dishes. Make sure you try some Gnocchi and Lasagne, it’s very different to home-cooked meals.

Restaurants in Italy vary in price depending on the area you are visiting and how well-known they are. Just like most countries, you have your award-winning restaurants and your more affordable entry ones.

We would always advise reading the reviews before booking, to see what other tourists have to say about the place you want to eat at. 

Italian History

Rome Colosseum couple love RF

Italy is flooded with history, whichever city you visit you’ll be inundated with a range of cultural things to see and do.

In Rome, you can see the Colosseum, in Pompeii you can visit the famous Vesuvius and the ruins. If you visit Pisa you will, of course, visit the leaning tower of Pisa and in Naples, you’ll explore the ancient city.

When you know what city you want to visit, do a quick Google to see the history that area has in it. 

Italian Landscapes

Dolomites Italy RF

The landscapes in Italy are breathtaking, so much so that some would argue they are the most beautiful in the world.

Different cities are known for different sceneries that you must see at one point in your life. Venice and the canals, Lake Como and the Lakes, the Almalfi coast and Tuscany with its beautiful landscapes. 

Getting to Italy

If you are looking to take a trip, why not consider adding a few days in London before you catch your flight?

London has a nuge range of connections to most destinations throughout Italy, and is a major hub for layovers into Europe.

You could choose to stay in a hotel near the London Eye where you can enjoy some of the sights of the city, then hop on a train for a short 20-minute journey to London Gatwick or a tube ride to Heathrow.

Italy is one of the most stunning and culturally diverse places to visit in the world and these top reasons to go are just a few of its many redeeming factors.

Are you heading to Italy anytime soon? If so, what are some of your top tips or reasons to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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